Umbrella Remuneration Trust

Umbrella Remuneration Trust

Whether you’re an individual, Sole Trader, Limited Company or LLP; this service is available to you as we can create a tax-free, trust-based environment and at the same time protect your hard-earned assets. As a UK tax-payer, your income is fully liable to corporation tax, national insurance, capital gains tax and dividend tax – all of which are remarkably large fees. The URT tax-planning structure we offer reduces the liability of any Trust contributions by 100%, providing you with optimal tax efficiency. This structure gives maximum retention via profit extraction in a legal and compliant manner, mitigating and protecting the UK entity from all taxes they would be subjected to normally. The best part is that it is 100% legal, fully compliant and fully disclosed to HMRC – meaning that nothing is being hidden. The regime complies fully with all Corporate, Trust and Tax law in the United Kingdom. The Structure utilises the total transparency of uniquely designed Trust funds to irrefutably prove they fall outside the UK tax umbrella. Another attractive aspect of this is that it is fully discretionary, meaning the client can contribute on a regular or non-regular basis.

While the taxman may be the paramount party you wish to expose, the great thing about this Trust structure is that it not limited to this. The funds invested into the Trust are safe in every respect – should you become embroiled in any marital or partner disputes, or an acrimonious divorce whereby finance is involved, the funds are locked away in one of our Trusts, inaccessible to any prying eyes. Parallel to any sort of legal action you may be experiencing, including business disputes. Offshore Trusts are an innovative way of safeguarding any part of your income that you divert into them. They are a prudent method of protecting the vulnerable finances of any moderate to high earner.

This Trust structure is suitable for all of the following:

  • Limited Companies
  • Company Directors
  • Self-Employed (Sole Trader)
  • Contractors
  • Medical Professionals
  • Veterinary professionals
  • Dentists
  • Overseas clients that have UK tax / business commitments

Using a Fiduciary Receipts Agreement, which fully complies with UK law, the client can benefit from receiving a disbursement of 80%, at the minimum, dependent upon other variable, influencing factors.

Fidelis Wealth International assigns the client with a dedicated Personal Account Manager who is also a Specialist Tax Consultant as the sole point of contact and confidant, meaning at whatever time of the day – you are able to contact us with any of your queries and receive incomparable, sound advice.